HDR Pro bring up the beauty of your images with a single slider. Tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence and will dramatically improve any of your photos.

HDR Pro is a tool to produce HDR image with extended range of dynamic lighting and detail. Our advance HDR algorithm will take a single picture as an input and provide it amazing HDR look by enhancing color and details. Other than HDR look you can also use other filters to get desired output.

Some of the features of HDR Pro -

- Brush tool to edit selective area of image like sky, sea, natural view etc.

- Convert to Hdr look with single input image.

- Tone adjust to get realistic or dramatic HDR results - you got the flexibility.

- Live preview while working with full resolution of the photo.

- Advanced color and contrast enhancement. 

- Large number of options available to get desired output.

- Color management is fully supported.

- It supports almost 50+ Raw image formats.


Years ago I took some pictures inside a church with an analog camera, as it almost always happens in large places with poor lighting, the results were not entirely as expected and / or to my liking. With HDR pro, I have achieved a very significant improvement in these photographic shots. Additionally, it has elements for those who have more knowledge in photography. Thanks to everyone who made it possible for this app to reach my Mac!