How to increase/manage Disk Space in MacBook/ MacOS?

How to arrange files and Folder in MacBook/MacOS?

How to cleanup disk in MacBook/MacOS?

How to Free space in disk in MacBook/MacOS?

Smart Storage Manager
Graphic Overview of all scaned Files

Smart Storage Manager is the easiest way to free up space on your Mac. By checking the storage space and managing unwanted files, you can ensure that your Mac runs smoother and faster, keeping it clean and organized.

Smart Storage Manager will provide you with the most accurate and actionable results. Easily analyze your disk space, free up space on your Mac and manage auto-clean, to keep your Mac running smoothly.

Smart Storage Manager
View Size and Content of Folder

Smart Storage Manager is a disk explorer and file manager that adds much-needed folder structure visualization to the familiar tree-like representation of your data. You can use it to build folders, subfolders, zones and organize your drives like any other file manager. Bidirectional Explore your drive using a simple explorer interface and have fun with the powerful built-in tools: Total Commander style drag&drop capabilities: files, folders, shortcuts Move pictures, videos and music around easily with drag&drop gestures Undo actions Quickly find files by text or patterns Search in every file format: Text/Regular expressions The program also supports renaming files within folders as well as renaming entire folders in one click.

Smart Storage Manager is an award-winning app that helps you manage your data better. It presents a visual data map to show you which apps and multimedia files are taking up your precious storage space. Its intuitive interfacemakes it easy for anyone to use, and includes advanced filtering options so you can find exactly what you need.

Smart Storage Manager
Shows File Size and File Manager

Smart Storage Manager is a free app that instantly analyzes your storage use and makes recommendations for improving performance. Just install the app and type in an address, file name, or folder to see at a glance which files on your phone are taking up space. Then select the files you want to move or delete and Smart Storage Manager does the rest—even check for duplicate files for maximum efficiency.

Quickly build visual maps of the disk, folder, and sub-folder sizes using the intuitive Storage Manager app. These maps provide a high level view of your storage performance, helping you quickly identify potential bottlenecks that can’t be seen in the graphs.

Smart Storage Manager
Filter Files with Multiple Options

Storing your files in Color-coded folders helps you to organize your files quickly. Each folder gets its own name, with different colored folders for each color. This makes it easy to identify the largest folders and lets you know at a glance how much room there is left in your account.

Do a quick search and see the contents of a single folder or an entire drive, right on your PC. With Storage Manager and Visualizer, you can easily visualize objects in folders and discover files wherever they are on your hard drive.

Scan and sort your PC to find files, folders and invalid itemsStart with a file, a single item or all of them. Scan faster than ever before with these real-time scan results

Smart Storage Manager
Get Details View of Files and any Folder

Manage all of your files automatically and manually in real-time so you don’t have to. Save time and reduce stress.

File and folder removal is easy with our unparalleled, high-speed scanning performance. Each folder is scanned individually, not just a full scan of the whole drive. This means you can delete files more efficiently, with more accuracy, and without the risk of mistaken deletions

The Smart Storage Manager allows users to customize file clean-up methods. Users can move files to the Trash or another location (or delete permanently), and recover storage on Mac High Sierra.

Smart Storage Manager
Smart Storage Manager LOGO


– Quickly build visual maps of the disk, folder, and sub-folder sizes

– Color-coded folder names help to quickly identify the largest folders

– Visualize the contents of a single folder or an entire drive

– Real-time scanning results

– Automatic and manual filters to sort by file/folder type, size, or name

– Easy file and folder removal

– Extremely high scanning speed

– customize file clean-up method – move to Trash or another location (or delete permanently)

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